Backyard Organic Gardening

My husband's backyard garden goes a long way every summer to help feed our large family. Our home isn't on acreage, he gardens in our regular sized back yard, using square food raised boxes and Earth Boxes. By keeping everything in raised beds or Earth boxes, it greatly reduces weeds and makes it easier to water the plants. This year we have a bazillion tomato plants. Apparently he thinks we have 77 kids instead of seven. What we don't eat or can, we will bless our neighbors with.

We are also growing strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. These freeze beautifully and keep us in mixed berry cobbler throughout the year.

We are also growing okra, squash, watermelon, cucumbers, green beans, cantaloupe, peppers, and corn.

In our Earth Boxes we are growing spinach, lettuce and tomatoes.

We are also growing some herbs in pots and small corners of the raised beds. We are growing dill for our homemade dill pickles and basil and cilantro.

In nice decorative pots, we have a lime tree, an orange tree and the newest edition, a fig tree. It was a gift from my husband because he knows I have a sentimental attatchment to fig trees.

It doesn't take a huge space to grow some fruits and veggies for your family. We live in a normal house with a normal yard. My husband grows his plants in half of our back yard. We have a fence between the plants and the dogs so that they don't trample everything. It is amazing how fast a garden can be destroyed when two labs decide to investigate. My husband credit's his garden's success to the book "Square Foot Gardening". The man who wrote it used to have a show on PBS and my husband learned most of what he knows from these shows and his wonderfully informative book.

Our little backyard garden took a hit when we had a hail storm last week, but it is coming back slowly but surely. Our orange tree has some shredded leaves and some of the smaller tomato plants were pretty trampled. With some TLC and some organic fertilizer, we think they will recover nicely. As the produce appears, I will be sure to post recipes on how we use our bounty.

As a side note, the date on my camera is wrong. These photos were taken today.


Onna said...

Michelle-You have gotten me excited about starting my garden up again!! I still have a month or so before I can plant-but it's getting to that time that I need to prepare it! I had tons of tomatoes last summer! I loved it!


Justi said...

Wow, that is fabulous!!

Daisy said...

You have me wondering if containers or raised beds would be good for my garden. I might try one corner that way: maybe the spinach or the lettuces.

Michelle Hoad said...


I like using a corner because it is such a good use of space, just make sure that it gets good light.

Furious Mom said...

Oh wow I would love a garden like yours! I am planing on one this year but can't even start one until atleast May...still really cold where I am!

Screwed Up Texan said...

I am jealous of your garden. I want more raised beds in mine, but I am having a difficult time convincing my husband it is neccessary. :)

On a side note...I am curious as to why you havnt planted the fig tree? Unless you plan on moving, you may consider planting it outside. The figs in North Texas (up to Denton and perhaps even further north) do quite well. If you live further south, they should do even better. Just a thought. Some people dont know they can plant them outside.

Good luck on the gardening this year!

Michelle Hoad said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I had a fig tree in my last backyard and it kept us in jelly all year long. I loved it. We are currently building a new house and as soon as we get settled, it will go directly in the ground. For now, my poor little tree has to stay in it's pot.