Jack the dog

 You were so little the day we got you.  I could carry you around everywhere.  Then before we knew it, 

We don't really carry you around so much anymore.  More like lug around a sack of potatoes.  A sack of potatoes that wiggles and smells.

Hey Jack, you missed.

The Lone Ranger has made some seriously impressive changes in you.  By nine weeks old, you were completely and absolutely potty trained.  I don't know how the man did it, but I am seriously impressed.  He has also done a great job with your hunting training.  You can retrieve, release, sit, stay, down, heel and now, thanks to his freezing cold legs, you can swim.

You eat anything you can get your jaws on.  But I won't complain too much, because all of a sudden, my children pick up their things without being nagged.  Shoes are suddenly kept in closets, toys are put away and hairbrushes are put back in the bathroom where they belong.  Because if it is laying out, it will find it's way to your jaws before long.

You sleep in some pretty weird places.  You prefer my bed, but if it is unavailable, then your bestie Missy will do.

Yes, they were sound asleep like this.


Michelle said...

LOL! What a cutie!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

How sweet...
Loving the fact that the kids pick up their stuff more because of your fuzzy-faced possession eater!
The Lone Ranger can train up a dog for me anytime! That is impressive. Seriously.

GunDiva said...

Um...that last photo...I don't know about that one... *g*

He's a cutie and growing up so fast.