Weddings, sickness and housecleaning

It was really just a normal week around here.  

First, we went to the wedding of the year for my fellow SGG member, Candance.  Also known as Crazy TX Mommy.  The wedding was gorgeous.  The bride was gorgeous.  The liquor flowed like water.  

Now that I've been home, I've been sick.  Even worse, the husband was sick too.  AT THE SAME TIME.  He was so sick he took a day off of work.  This is the man who insists on working while sick.  He once puked on a curb and kept on working.  So for him to take a day off for illness is a big deal.  We are finally better and now I'm on a mission to clean the house.  Whenever illness passes around, I feel this inexplicable urge to scrub the house from top to bottom.  With nine people in one house, this urge comes frequently.

I'm glad I'm on the mend, because this weekend is the Austin Food and Wine Festival and the Country Living Fair.  My friends and I are going to both, so it will be a crazy weekend.  Daddy gets to pull daddy duty for the whole weekend, so I will owe him BIG TIME.

By the way, the flower girl was stinkin adorable.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I get that urge too. Gotta' get the germs out or something.
The wedding looks like awesome fun- all so perfect and lovely. Bet you guys partied like rock stars after.
Have a fun weekend!

Michelle said...

Let me know how the Country Living Fair goes! I went to the first one in Ohio and sat in line (starting on the interstate before the exit even) and thought I would never get there! Glad you are feeling better. Always hard when the mom is sick.

Tara said...

Not envious at all! The flower girl WAS so stinkin' cute and obviously taking her job super seriously!