Cancun for couples

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I love my kids.  I do.  But some times, you need a few days away at an all inclusive resort on the Maya Riviera with the husband.  I don’t know about you, but when I go on a trip without my kids, I don’t really want to hear other people’s kids running around screaming around the pool deck.  I’m weird like that.

We decided to try an adult’s only resort.  I felt really weird about it at first.  I pictured some perverted explicit place with people wearing way less than they should be.  I’m old fashioned.  I like to keep my good stuff covered up.

It wasn’t like that at all.  We will definitely do it again when we go without kids.  The flight is super easy from where we live in Texas.  Only a couple of hours, non stop from either Dallas or Houston.

We went to Live Aqua in Cancun.  Right now, it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google.  I personally wouldn’t give it more than 3.5 stars.  The exterior of the resort is beautiful.  The pool area is great, plenty of chairs and cabanas spread out so you can have privacy if you want, or you can chat with your neighbors and get to know other travelers.  The beach area is well kept and clean.  The waves were crazy, but that isn’t the resort’s fault.  The issue I had with the resort was our room and the food.  To start with, they did not have our room ready when we got there.  It was past check in time, and we had to sit in the lobby for almost an hour.  Once we finally got checked in, we went up to our room and it absolutely reeked of paint.  My husband brushed against the wall and got wet paint on his shirt.  I get it.  They need to maintain their hotel.  This just was not the time for it.  We threw on our suits and headed down to the beach to get away from the paint fumes.  We had to dodge water dripping out of the ceiling in the hall outside of our bedroom.  No bueno.

My favorite part of all inclusive resorts is being able to try new food and drinks.  Some of the food was acceptable here, but the buffet was not.  I ended up getting a pina colada for breakfast.  It’s sort of like a fruit salad, so I didn’t feel too guilty about it.  It was definitely better than the offerings on the buffet.  Oddly, the best food we had was the room service.  After spending the day on the beach, we decided to grab a shower, wrap up in the fluffy robes and have dinner in bed.

All in all, it was a great get away for the two of us.  Very relaxing.  I didn’t eat a whole lot, but I made up the calories in pina coladas.


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