Peppermint Popcorn

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I’m going to post a month of homemade Christmas ideas, so I’m getting an early start.  I’m not sure I can do 31 posts in 31 days, so I’m cutting myself a little slack.  I plan to post gift ideas, decorating ideas and my favorite holiday recipes.

This idea is so yummy.  My kids have eaten almost half of it already and it made a really gigantic batch.  Even for my oversized family.

 I started by popping about 20 cups of popcorn.  I made it on the stove top because I didn’t want to use those microwave bags.  They are really buttery tasting and I didn’t really want that mingling with my peppermint.  I might splurge and get myself one of those air poppers so the kids can make it themselves without all the oil and preservatives.  Plus it’s cheaper this way.  I used half a bag that cost me 80 cents.

 I took half a box of peppermint candy canes and unwrapped them and put them in my mini chopper.

 Beware.  It’s really loud and sounds like glass breaking.  I wanted it fairly small, but if you want your peppermint a little chunky, then go for it.

 I melted a few squares of white chocolate bark in my microwave and mixed in the crushed peppermint.  DO NOT put the crushed peppermint in the bowl when you microwave the chocolate.  You will get a giant glob of peppermint that takes a day to soak out of your glass bowl.

No, I wouldn’t do anything that stupid.  Why do you ask?

 I poured the popcorn out onto two big sheet pans lined with parchment to make clean up easier.  I used a spoon and just drizzled the chocolate peppermint all over it.

 Yummy!  But to me, it just looked a little bland.  It tasted heavenly, but you couldn’t really see it because the white on white just blended in.


 I decided to grab two blocks of chocolate bark and melt that also.  Then I drizzled it over the top.

Now that is gorgeous.  And more chocolate just makes everything better.  While the chocolate is still melted, you can add more peppermint.  Wait for it to dry, then break it apart.  It will keep for a couple of days in a well sealed container.  Or two days because your heathens eat it all.

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