Cooking tamales in a pressure cooker

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I did it.  I succumbed to the peer pressure.

I bought a pressure cooker.  We don’t do anything half assed, so we bought a giant 10 quart so we can feed our herd.

First, we used it to make the pork roast for our tamales.  Because it’s Christmas eve, and tamales.  It’s tradition and shit.

Once we had all the tamales rolled up and ready to steam, we realized that as usual, we went a little overboard and had more tamales than would fit in our two giant steamers.  So I pulled out the pressure cooker and tested a batch.




We didn’t have enough to fill the giant 10 quart pot, so I stuffed some aluminum foil around the edges to keep them upright.  Then I added three cups of hot water to the bottom of the pot and cranked that puppy up.  I clicked pork and then adjusted the time to 22 minutes.  I honestly didn’t expect them to be done.  But they were.  I was wrong.  I can admit it.  It doesn’t happen often so it’s all good.


22 minutes later and I had perfectly steamed tamales.  Not dry, not undercooked, just right.  I was seriously impressed.  We had already invested a few hours into this, so any time savings is worth it.  So now we know.  Yes, you can steam tamales in a pressure cooker.  But seriously, you can keep your tea hot with these and steam tamales, what can this thing NOT do?

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