Haunted Jail Tour in Charleston, SC

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We had a hard time deciding which tours to do on our last trip to Charleston!  After much deliberation, we decided on a carriage ride around the city with a tour guide and visiting the Old City Jail.  I’m a big ole scaredy cat, so it’s sort of strange for me to want to do any kind of haunted trip.  But this one was worth it.  The historical part of the tour was the stressed more than anything.  And being a big history nerd, I think that’s why I loved it.  Our tour guide obviously loved what he does and where he works.  During the tour he talked about the history of the building and all the atrocities that happened.  It’s hard to think that this jail was still operating without power or running water until as late as 1939, some town authorities are trying to get the building demolished in order to construct a new building,  the are trying to find the best 100×100 metal buildings prices.

During our tour, he encouraged us to take lots of pictures (with the flash!) and compare them afterwards.  Video recording wasn’t allowed during our tour, but is during some longer tours.  There are reports of disembodied voices, but we didn’t hear anything while we were there.  There were some chatty people on our tour, so there wasn’t a lot of quiet time to listen for anything.  When we got back and I reviewed my pictures I did fine one weird thing.

I would love to do one of the longer tours when we come back.  After seeing this jail on several ghost shows, it was interesting to see it in person.  Maybe next time we can catch some voices on video.


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