Ketogenic Egg Fast Faux Gnocchi

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My husband stays low carb/keto most of the time because he is diabetic and it controls his levels better than anything else.  He has heard me complaining about needing to lose a few of our last vacation pounds so he encouraged me to get back on the bandwagon also.  To kick start things, we are doing a 5 day egg fast.

Yes.  Five Days.  Just Eggs.  (and fat.  and a little bit of cheese)

And I hate eggs.

But it is a quick way to jump start ketosis or break a plateau.  The key to a successful egg fast is having some tasty recipes ready that are easy to make to break up the monotony.  Keto crepes are easy, but I don’t love sweets, so those get old fast.  When I am doing an egg fast, I crave flavor.  Pretty much any flavor other than egg.  To appease my savory tooth, I tweaked the keto gnocchi recipe to make it fast and more flavorful.

The ingredients are simple.  Two cups of cheese, three or four egg yolks, garlic sea salt and italian seasoning.

First you melt the cheese for 30-45 seconds in the microwave and mix in the other ingredients.  I used a mixer because it takes some time to fully incorporated.

Once it is fully incorporated, wrap it up and put it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes to cool down and make it easier to work with.   Once it is ready, cut it into four equal pieces and roll them into logs.  You know, like you did in kindergarten when you made a snake out of play doh.  Make a dough snake.  Don’t worry about the eyes.   First, put some oil on your board and your hands.  The ‘dough’ is pretty sticky.

Cut it into pieces, but don’t bother with the fancy fork marks.  Once you start to cook them, the fancy gnocchi pokes disappear, so don’t waste your time.

The next thing you need to forget is the boiling.  Regular gnocchi needs to boil before you pan fry it.  This does not.  I have tried it both ways.  Just get a pan with some butter and oil over medium heat and pan saute them.  The oil will help the butter not burn as quickly.  You need to watch these, because they go from toasty brown to black in a matter of seconds.  Once one side is done, flip them over and cook for a few minutes on the other side.  That’s it.

When we are done with the egg fast, I am going to make these again, then throw some sauteed spinach and feta on them.


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    1. Thanks!! I have a few more keto recipes I will share shortly. I have five days of eggs. I need as many recipes as I can come up with. Since I hate eggs.

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