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Step one – Buy land.

Step two – Build Deck and Boat Dock.

Wait, what?  You built your deck and boat dock before your house?  Yes, we did.  We have our priorities.  And they include fun stuff first, then the house.  We will be living full time in our RV while we take our time and self contract the house we are going to build.  But there is no hurry for that.  The first things we want to do is get the exterior fun stuff going.  We are hiring a dock builder for the boat dock because that is a little more technical than a deck, even the super fabulous deck my husband pulled off, we also need to get the retractable roof systems Melbourne services.

The land we purchased is a narrow, but deep lot on the water of Lake Buchanan in Central Texas.  My husband grew up coming to this lake and was a fishing guide on this lake before he became a fireman.  So purchasing on this lake is our dream.  It’s a homecoming of sorts.

This is where I plan to spend the rest of our lives together.  Watching that sunset, underneath the pecan and oak trees.

This is where I plan to drink my morning coffee.  The shade is amazing in the morning, even without the umbrella my husband installed.  We will need that umbrella in the afternoons, though.  Anyone who has visited Central Texas knows how brutal the afternoon sun can be.

We were lucky enough to find a property that had a retaining wall in place, so we were able to cantilever the deck out, over the water by almost four feet.  Because the water is not constant level (it’s low right now) we wanted to add railing so that we didn’t have to worry about our kids or guests falling off into the water below.  By building when the water is low, it allowed us to get the stairs in place with very little difficulty.

We used cedar because it is naturally rot resistant.  We will seal it with a clear sealer because I love the natural color of the cedar.  We used stainless steel cable for the railing because I wanted to interrupt the view as little as possible.  I also love the mix of metal and wood together.

We decided to cap the railing with solar lights.  Then my husband got a wild hare and decided he wanted to add more solar power lights along the bottom of the deck since it hangs out over the water.

Now that it’s done, there is absolutely nothing about it I would change.  My husband took some ideas I sketched out on a napkin and turned it into something even better than I imagined.  He is so incredibly talented.  I know our home will turn out amazing with him holding the hammer.

Next up?  Boat dock.  We talked to a builder and looked over some decks he has completed.  This is what ours will look similar to when finished.  It  will be a floating dock that goes up and down with the water level.  The flooring is a cool crete product that stays cool on bare feet, but does not rot like wood can.  It will give us a safe place to store the boat, up out of the water, when not in use.

No, our boat dock will not be this close to shore.  They are building this one to be moved elsewhere later.  This is just an example of what it will look like.  Y’all stay tuned for more updates on the build process.

Contact Fence & Gate – Danny Deck Inc., Los Angeles, CA for more information and consultation.

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