Living at the Lake in an RV

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We finally got the RV we ordered.  We discussed buying a used one to save money, but instead opted for a new one with a warranty so that we would not be surprised by any unexpected expenses.  This way we also had the opportunity to make sure it had the features we wanted from the beginning.

Because we have kids, we knew we wanted a bunkhouse model.  That means that our options were a 5th wheel or a travel trailer.  When we are done living in this in a couple of years, we want to use it in the rental pool, since we really like pools, and we even got one for our house, since there are some great fiberglass pools on the market.  We bought a Heartland Bunkhouse.  The most important feature other than the bunkhouse is the kitchen.  We are not people who eat out all the time, so a decent kitchen was extremely important to me.  I would have also liked a second bathroom and better storage in the master bedroom, but I decided those things were not as important as staying on budget.  That would have meant a fourth slide and a substantially higher price point.

This kitchen is what made me fall in love with this model.  I wanted more counter space and I wanted a decent pantry.  Our property at the lake isn’t exactly close to a grocery store and I don’t want to be running into town to buy food every other day.  We have this tall pantry and another one by the entry also.  So far, I love the kitchen and the available storage.

The living area is basically a just a leather couch.  It and the dining area are just one big area including the kitchen.  It offers plenty of seating when we are just hanging out in the evenings watching television.


My bedroom offers little storage, but I’ve been working hard to get rid of clothing I never wear.  The bed lifts up and that is where I will store off season clothing, freeing up the other space that is more readily accessible.  I am looking for some things to decorate the room without taking up valuable space.  For once, function may have to take priority over design.

The bathroom is pretty standard.  The shower offers plenty of room and that’s what I care about.  If I was a real girl who did her hair and make up all the time, this would maybe bother me.

So far, we have been learning the space and seeing what will and won’t work.  I have plenty of space to add more of our things, so I keep bringing things slowly so we don’t overcrowd it.

We are in a very busy time of construction right now, having the septic system installed, the boat dock brought in and two outbuildings built.  It seems that everything is happening all at once.  We will post pictures of the buildings as we finish those out and decorate them.

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