Adding a Guest House

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We decided that we wanted to add a small guest house to our property.  We don’t want our main house to be very large, so we decided a small guest house will be a better fit.  Our plans are to eventually put in a bathroom for guests.  We would like to start hosting disabled veterans and firefighters with PTSD, so having a private guest house seemed like a better option than making them stay in our house.  It will give them a place to stay while allowing them privacy.

Most people would build their house before a guest house, but then again, we are totally not most people.  We are happy living in our travel trailer while we build.  We wanted to put in all the fun stuff first anyway.

We decided to have the shell built and then we will complete the finish out.  We still haven’t finalized plans for the bathroom, which our friends from Amarco Plumbing are helping us with, or decided how we want to finish out the walls, so we are just painting the interior for now.  Our kids can still stay in here when they come visit and it will give us time to make some final decisions without wasting money.

We had the house built with a loft so our daughter can have a play area.  No sense letting it sit there unused most of the time.  She is very excited to have a play area and it gives her more space than her small room in the travel trailer.

We wanted inexpensive floors, but I did not want a floating floor that required a vapor barrier so I contacted the flooring Sunshine Coast company.  We decided on peel and stick wood tiles.  This is a lake house and there will be a lot of in and out with wet, sandy feet.  If a few get ruined, we can easily and inexpensively replace them.

I like the dark wood with the white walls I am going with.  For now, we will just paint the walls.  Our plans (as of now) are to insulate and then go back with white shiplap once we install the bathroom and wire it for lights and electrical outlets.

We knew this would go much faster with a paint sprayer, so my hubby bought me one.  He also bought this super sexy painting outfit for me.  Safety first!  Don’t forget your safety goggles and a respirator.  No one wants white boogers.  Or lung damage.

Five gallons of paint later, this is where I am at.   A half painted interior.  I grossly underestimated how much paint this would take.  The raw wood is absolutely soaking up the paint.  So back to the paint store we go.

Updates will come once we finish painting.  We are hopeful it will only take two coats of paint.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because it will get covered eventually.

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