5 RV Must Haves

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RV, travel trailer, class C, doesn’t matter what you have, these are the seven things they all need, especially if you are a full-timer, also if you don’t have one yet, we recommend  getting one from the caravan manufacturers Melbourne.  None of these things came with our brand new travel trailer, but are definitely worth every penny we spent on them.


Surge Protector

We won’t plug in without a surge protector.  In case of electrical storm, lighting strike, any kind of power surge, this thing is worth every penny.  This keeps all of our electronics safe in the event of a power surge.


Surge Protector

protect your travel trailer or rv from major electrical damage

Tire Pressure Indicator

We can see at a glance if all of our tires are up to full pressure.  Having your tires at the proper pressure helps prevent a blowout driving down the road.  You purchase these based on what the tire pressure in your tire is supposed to be.  Don’t buy the ones for a bicycle and expect them to work properly.  These were less than $15 and mean I don’t have to check every tire with a pressure gauge before we hit the road.  Yes, I used to do that.  Call me Mrs. Safety girl.


Tire Pressure Indicators


Magnetic Knife Bar

I hate having my knives floating around in a drawer.  I put up this magnet and they are all within reach while I’m cooking.  This also helps free up valuable drawer space in my tiny kitchen.

Magnetic Knife Bar


store your knives on a magnetic knife bar


Pizza Stone

The first few times I tried to bake in this tiny little oven, everything in the center burned and the outside edges didn’t cook.  It was very frustrating.  I learned that putting a pizza stone above the heating element helps distribute the heat more evenly.  Now I can bake a small batch of brownies without burning the center.  And I mean small.  Seriously.  I could probably bake a bigger batch in an easy bake oven.

Pizza Stone

a pizza stone helps distribute heat evenly in a small oven


Better Showerhead

We bought a metal showerhead made for RV’s and we are very glad we did.  The plastic one that came in the camper was too stiff and cumbersome in the small shower area.  The metal hose is more flexible and the showerhead is more like one you would find in a house.

RV showerhead


Do you have any must have upgrades?  Tell me what else you think no RVer should be without!



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