Adding Peel and Stick Wall Tiles to my RV

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We bought our travel trailer brand new because we didn’t want to worry about repairs.  HAHAHAHA.  Had we only known.  The warranties are totally useless, at least for our brand.  The process to get something repaired under warranty is a big fat joke.  It’s a good thing my hubby is so incredibly talented with thing like that.  This one, on the other hand, is all me.  I am so tired of all the brown everywhere.  Dark brown cabinets, brown floors, brown walls even.  So I found these cook peel and stick wall tiles on Amazon and I thought, why not?  I can give them a try in a small space and see how I like them and if they are worth the money.  This is a very small space, about two foot by two foot.

First, clean the area really well and make sure it’s totally dry.  Our bathroom came with some weird things screwed to the wall and I took those down the first hour or two we owned it.  So for the past six months, I’ve had these holes in the wall.  Not too attractive, but I didn’t know if normal wall putty would work so I just left them like that.  I made sure there was nothing sticking up to get in the way and that was about it.  I didn’t bother using putty to fill the holes.



I got the first piece ready by cutting off a straight edge on both the bottom and the left side of the tile.  DON’T throw these pieces away!  You will need them later on.  You could use a ruler and a straight edge, but with this design it was very very easy to cut a straight line so I free handed it with a pair of sharp scissors.  I’ve got mad scissor skills.

The first piece went in easily and the other pieces just fit right into place beside and above them.  They are designed that way.  Once you get to the top of the area, you are left with a row that looks like this.  This is where you take the piece you cut off and turn it upside down to complete the row at the top with a straight edge.  It took me exactly four tiles to complete this area.  I get it.  This is the unicorn of all DIY projects.  It worked out exactly with no waste and no gaps.  Not everyone will be this lucky.  Just measure your space and make sure you have enough for your project.  What I ordered came with five pieces so I have one whole sheet left over.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.

And voila!  The finished project took me all of 20 whole minutes.  This is water proof and fire resistant.  The package of five sheets cost me less than $25.00. You could use it behind your stove also.  I just ordered a different style to go behind my stove and I can not wait to get it installed.

This added a nice pop of color to my drab brown travel trailer interior.  Now that I’ve gotten my husband used to adding some color and changing things, I may try painting something next.  He hates the thought of painting something brand new, but not near as much as I hate the thought of living in a totally brown home.


Where you can buy it too!


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