What do you do when life throws you a curveball?

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball?  I have no idea, because I don’t watch baseball.

Today the contract on the lake property we were buying fell through.  It’s a long boring story and I won’t bore you with it.  The short story is, sometimes situations stink and the best thing to do is walk away before you get stinky too.  So this week, instead of closing on the new property, we are out looking for a new one.

This one here is a contender.  It’s a different lake.  Which my husband loves!  Me, not so much.  It’s a larger property, which we both love.  It’s going to make the whole process take longer, which we both don’t love.  But sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

Time to fall back and punt and hopefully find something we can both agree on that works out for the family.

Was that enough sports metaphors?

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Torr Na Lochs Winery

We decided to take a leisurely sunday drive today.  We wanted to go by the property we are buying to see if they had surveyed it yet so we drove towards the Texas Hill Country down Highway 29.  As we were getting close to Burnet, I remembered that a friend had recommended a new winery that opened up.  We had our nine year old with us, but she had assured us that it’s family friendly.  And dog friendly too.  When we pulled into the gate, it was clear that they had spared no expense creating an absolutely stunning winery with adjoining vineyard.  The view from the deck of their tasting room was spectacular.  Even thought it is close to 100 degrees today, we opted to sit outside and enjoy the view.  There was plenty of shade from the patio umbrellas and luckily for us, there was a breeze that helped cool things down.

We opted for both of the appetizer plates since there were three of us and it’s a good thing we did.  Both plates paired well with the wine and our adventurous eater tried everything.  (except the wine!!!)  We both know our wine tastes pretty well so instead of doing the wine tasting, we both opted for a glass of wine.  My husband prefers sweet wines so he went with the sweet sunset and I tried the Fion Dearg.  I would order either one again.


We didn’t stay long, mostly due to the heat, but I can’t wait to grab a few of my friends and head back.  If you want to stop by, keep in mind that their tasting room is only open Thursday through Sunday, 1-6.  If you want to sample six of their wines, a tasting is only $15.

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