Change of Plans

Oak St Lot 26, Kingsland, TX 78639

Hubby is retiring in exactly one month.

It’s exciting.  It’s terrifying.  It’s overwhelming.

We are going through massive changes in our lives and I am not one to deal well with change.  But today, we made a decision that I feel good about.  It totally changes our plans.  No more log cabin.  Instead, we put in an offer on a lake front lot.  It will allow us to buy an RV and travel for a year or so.  This gives us a home base to come back home to.  So cross your fingers, your toes, say a prayer, send good vibes.  Whatever you do, hook a sister up.

Time to go get rid of approximately 90% of what we own.  No pressure.


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Food in Mugs


I hate baking.  And not just because my last name was Crocker.  That means I should love baking, right?

I also hate sweets.  Which should mean I weigh a whole heck of a lot less than I do.  But I don’t.

So when my kids ask for a dessert, I break out one of my mug recipes.  That way, they can get which ever dessert they want and I don’t have to hear any complaining about why they didn’t get to pick this time.  Mug recipes also prevent the lingering of desserts in the pantry.  And I know a whole lot of Moms who need to not have that sort of thing lingering around.

I got tired of telling my girls how to make their favorite mug recipe, so I put it on a mug for them so they always have the recipe handy.  All they do is mix in the ingredients on the mug and microwave for 75 seconds.  (where to buy a mug)

Now if only I could get them to clean up after themselves.

Here are a few of my favorite mug recipes

Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie


Apple Pie Mug Cake


Pumpkin Pie in a Mug


Nutella Mug Cake


Brownie In a Mug


Salted Caramel Mug Cake


Mac and Cheese in a Mug


Peanut Butter Cookie Mug Cake


Pizza in a Mug



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Custom Chalk Board Paint


I need a space to jot down groceries that we need.  A large space.

a very large space.

So I painted one whole wall of my pantry.

First I lined my paint tray with foil so it would be super easy to clean up.  This way I don’t have to buy disposable trays, I just line them and toss the used foil.

I bought some cheap paint that someone returned to the store.  It was the perfect shade for my project.  You can also custom mix the paint.  If you do this, make it a tad darker than you think because when you mix the non-sanded grout in, it lightens it just a little bit.  For every cup of paint you use, add two tablespoons of non-sanded grout and stir well.

Then stir some more.  No way did you stir it well enough already.

Then just roll it on like normal paint.  I taped off the outer lines and it didn’t bleed to terribly bad.  I should have burnished it more, but since it’s a pantry, I wasn’t going all OCD on it.

I put my leftover paint into a clean used spice container.  This way, when (not if!) I need to touch up, it’s quick and easy.  Before you write on it, let it dry for 24-48 hours, then rub chalk over the entire surface.  It preps the surface so you don’t have ghosting that is really hard to remove.

And voila!  A very large chalkboard for my very large family.

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Hunting Season

We have officially entered hunting season.  My crazy life goes from football season straight into hunting season.  The only good thing is that I don’t hunt, so it doesn’t directly involve me.  Although, I don’t play football either and that seems to involve me quite heavily, so I’m not sure how the logic works.  Anyway, during hunting season, the husband and boys go away for whole weekends, leaving me and the girls to ourselves.  With total control of the remote.

Yes, it is my version of heaven.

There are some weekends when we all go.  We always manage to have fun spending time outdoors.

no, I’m not a bad driver.  The roads were bumpy.

I swear.

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