Meet Michelle

meMy name is Michelle and I am a blended family mom to seven.  My husband is a retired fire fighter.  We love to go places and collect memories instead of stuff.

I like antiques.  The older and chippier, the better.  My husband, does not.  So we have tons of old antique cool stuff in my house.

We have four boys, all older, two in college, one fireman, one working.  There are three girls, all younger.  Lord help my husband now that he is surrounded by females with no male backup.

We are building our dream home on the shores of Lake Buchanan in Central Texas.  Yes, we are Texans and we do not help with eliminating stereotypes for Texans either.  We love guns.  We hunt.  We love college football.  Yes, we know how to ride horses.  Yes, we own cattle at times.  Why at times?  Because we also love steak.